At LBCE we treat demolition projects with the necessary precautions ensure successful completion and know that demolition is vital for the regeneration of areas of our country

We complete demolition projects for all clients in the industry, having a varied range of machinery available to complete such projects and having competent specialist sub-contractors on hand to deal with the likes of asbestos removal. 

Given the nature of demolition projects and the heightened risk involved we train our employees intensely to ensure that they are capable of dealing with the problems that may arise.

LBCE is also a member of the Northern Ireland Demolition Association, ensuring that we stay up to date with all news, practices, training and legislations involved with and for demolition projects.  We take great satisfaction when demolition projects help to not only make areas safer but regenerate and bring new to cities, towns and the rural areas of Northern Ireland.



Providing recycling for the construction industry to help the environment and make our planet more sustainable

One of LBCE’s group companies, Lowry Recycling helps to sustain the environment and planet by reducing, re-using and recycling.  Providing the service of recycling the construction industry’s waste for re-use, Lowry Recycling have a strategic waste management plan in place and can provide waste management for your construction site.  Already contracted for waste management from LBCE’s other departments, we also have stockpiling capability in our licensed recycling plant in the north west of the province. 

We can hire the necessary machinery to also crush demolished aggregate so that it can be re-used in the construction industry, this helps us to sustain our environment and stop the need for more and more virgin aggregate to be mined and quarried.

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