Lowry Building & Civil Engineering Ltd are members of the Northern Ireland Demolition Association (NIDA) and we provide a fully comprehensive mechanical demolition and dismantling service which covers a wide range of building types from domestic and residential properties to large scale industrial and commercial premises.

We operate a specialised fleet of demolition equipment which includes excavators and crushers. All plant and equipment is fully certified to current standards and is regularly maintained and serviced to ensure highly effective service delivery.

Prior to demolition works taking place we undertake comprehensive site inspections and carefully assess all environmental aspects so that detailed plans can be developed to mitigate any risk. Once works commence on site, a wide range of measures are deployed to reduce noise and dust including the use of low noise plant and the very latest dust extraction and suppression equipment.

We can also provide a full Asbestos service from arranging for initial pre-inspection services to supervising the safe removal and disposal to fully licensed facilities.