At Lowry Building & Civil Engineering Ltd our philosophy is based on delivering the best quality work on every single project we undertake. We achieve this in the first instance through practical measures such as the operation of a Quality Management System which is 3rd party accredited by NQA to ISO 9001:2015 Standards. This combined with our certified Health and Safety & Environmental Managements Systems mean we can collectively offer our Clients a fully integrated approach which demonstrates a commitment to quality and best practice on every level.

Furthermore, we also believe that the best results and highest levels of quality are realised by working in partnership with our Clients and Supply Chain Partners through every stage of project delivery. With all our Clients we aim to work in a collaborative manner from the onset, with managers and staff becoming part of the Client team so as to understand their aims and objectives and once works start, ensuring openness and transparency throughout. This approach is extended across our supply chain where we integrate Supply Chain Partners from the beginning of a project so that we can benefit from their knowledge and experience and so that all parties share the same goals and objectives.

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