Lilley’s Petrol Station

Lilley’s Petrol Station, Enniskillen

Lowry Building & Civil Engineering delivered the complete redevelopment of the existing Petrol Filling Station for Lilley’s, Enniskillen. Works were carried out in a number of phases to include a major extension, refurbishment of the existing shop and forecourt and to allow the business to remain operational throughout.  The works began with the extension to the rear including piled foundations, ground beams, masonry walls and fit out whilst the existing shop to the front remained open to the public.

The next phase saw the complete refurbishment of the existing shop floor which is now almost unrecognisable and a true asset the Client through replacement of floor, wall and ceiling finishes, aluminium framed shop front and all associated M&E installations.

Finally the forecourt was redeveloped with a new tank farm, fuel lines, pumps and site works. Health and safety was strictly monitored during the construction phase due to the close proximity to customers and extremely restricted working space.


December 2018